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This is my first submission and I feel like it’s the most important. We sometimes feel like we need to look, act, or portray ourselves a certain way; especially in the LGBTQ community. I want to submit all the photos of my body I used to be self conscious about. I was ashamed of myself for getting “fat” and having a belly. I realized that that the standard I was chasing, was not worth the mental distress I was putting myself through. Being beautiful is not about having the perfect beard, muscles, being skinny, six pack abs, etc… Being body beautiful is having confidence in yourself, being confident is the most beautiful thing. We all are capable of being beautiful :) 


#body positivity


I don’t understand college kids

I was sitting in a class the other day to observe before deciding if I wanted to take it next fall and they were asked to make artistic videos.  Someone literally made this exact type of video…this is my recreation.


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